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Chico Freeman @ NYC Winter Jazzfest

Chico Freeman Plus+tet  makes their NYC Winter Jazz Fest debut on Friday January 6 at 10:20PM at the Zinc Bar, 82 West 3rd St. New York, NY 10012. Recently he gave some answers to some questions on the minds of a lot of folks. Is social justice important to you and why? Social justice to me is really justice for all human beings. Martin Luther King said it best. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of…
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London Jazz News: Chico Freeman Plus+tet – Cadogan Hall (November 2016 EFG London Jazz Festival)

First off, a set by Chico Freeman’s brilliant quartet that surpassed expectations and second, a presentation by the Cookers that somehow fell short of their very best. Long one of jazz’s wanderers - Chico Freeman returned to the United States in May 2016 after more than a decade living in Europe - Freeman, as he reminded us, had been an absentee from London for quite a while and seemed genuinely glad to be back. His latest band, the Plus+tet, has been touring the US behind…
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Financial Times: London Jazz Festival: Highlights from an event that had jazz in all its forms — orchestral to hip-hop to modernist

A ballad also stood out in Chico Freeman’s curtain-raiser. The Chicago-raised saxophonist got to the bittersweet essence of “To Hear a Teardrop in the Rain” with unaccompanied high notes and a round, muscular warmth, rooted in the blues. Elsewhere, “Elvin” was inspired by the late drummer Elvin Jones, “Erica’s Reverie” was fugue-like and the closer an up-tempo romp. Sax and rhythm quartets have space to fill, and at this show, Freeman and pianist Luke Carlos O’Reilly delivered with unflagging invention and style. Freeman hasn’t played…
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Jazz Journal: LJF 2016: Chico Freeman

Chico Freeman's quartet shows its leader's ability to organise as it delivers a stimulating set at Cadogan Hall, according to Ronald Atkins Odd in a way to encounter Chico Freeman on a bill that also featured The Cookers. His career includes spells with very similar all-star groups, not to mention a long-standing familiarity with rhythm sections sparked by The Cookers’ Cecil McBee and Billy Hart. This was his own all-American quartet, however, with Luke Carlos O’Reilly on piano, Kenny Davis on bass and regular colleague…
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KNKX: The Homecoming of Chico Freeman

Saxophonist Chico Freeman has been on a 10-year journey of discovery. "I always wanted to try to live in another place, besides the United States.  I went from Chicago to New York, and I always had it in my mind that I wanted to base myself somewhere else in the world.  I wanted to edify myself about other cultures and how people express music relative to their cultures," he says. (more…)
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