Chico Freeman nominated “Best Jazz/Blues Superstar of the Year” Chicago Music Awards

Chico Freeman nominated for “Best Jazz/Blues Superstar of the Year” for the Chicago Music Awards and his uncle George Freeman is nominated “Best Jazz Entertainer”
Voting is open to the public worldwide Click here to vote. Saxophonist and composer Chico Freeman has been nominated for the Chicago Music Award in the top category of “Best Jazz/Blues Superstar. “I’m very honored and also quite surprised since I only moved back to the United States less than a year ago. For so many people to notice I’m back is very meaningful to me,” says Chico. Voting is free and open to the public worldwide. In addition to Chico’s nomination, his uncle, guitarist George Freeman who turns 90 in April, has been nominated for “Best Jazz Entertainer.” Winners will be announced on March 18, 2017 at the 36th annual Chicago Music Awards and Dance Party to be held at Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium in Chicago. For more information and tickets visit Chicago Music Awards.