Other Recordings featuring Chico Freeman:

Title Artist Record Company Year Purchase
Live At The Blue Note Von & Chico Freeman with Special Guest – Dianne Reeves Half Note Records 2003
Bill Sims Bill Sims Warner Bros Records 1999
Wind of Change Julian Bahula, featuring Chico Freeman JSB Records 1999
The Emissary Chico Freeman Clarity Records 1996
Antiquated Love Ozay Fecht Basic Records 1996
Still Sensitive Chico Freeman India Navigation 1996
Sweet Explosion Chico Freeman & Brainstorm In & Out Records 1995
Focus Chico Freeman Quintet featuring Arthur Blythe Contemporary/Fantasy 1995
Saying Something Roots In & Out Records 1995
Flight of the Spirit Norman Hedman Monad 1994
The Unspoken Word Chico Freeman Quintet featuring Arthue Blythe Jazz House 1994
Slipping and Sliding The Leaders Sound Hills Records 1994
Luminous Chico Freeman & Arthur Blythe Jazz House 1994
Destiny’s Dance Chico Freeman Contemporary 1993
In the Moment Chico Freeman with Jazz On The Line Edgetone Records 1993
Stablemates Roots In & Out Records 1993
Threshold Chico Freeman & Brainstorm In & Out Records 1993
Moment To Moment Carmen Lundy Arabesque Records 1992
Up and Down Chico Freeman & Mal Waldron, featuring Tiziana Ghiglioni Black Saint 1992
The Outside Within Chico Freeman India Navigation 1992
Roots Salutes The Saxophone Roots In & Out Records 1992
The Rhythm Romance Mari Wilson Dino Records 1991
Unforeseen Blessings The Leaders Black Saint 1989
Mystical Dreamer Chico Freeman & Brainstorm In & Out Records 1989
You'll Know When You Get There Chico Freeman, featuring Von Freeman Black Saint 1988
Out Here Like This The Leaders Black Saint 1988
Tales of Ellington Chico Freeman Black Hawk 1987
Mudfoot The Leaders Blackhawk 1986
Live At Ronnie Scott's (DVD) Chico Freeman 1986
Tangents Chico Freeman, featuring Bobby McFerrin Elektra/Musician 1984
The Pied Piper Chico Freeman Black Hawk 1984
The Search Chico Freeman India Navigation 1983
Tradition in Transition Chico Freeman Elektra/Musician 1982
Peaceful Heart, Gentle Spirit Chico Freeman Contemporary 1981
No Time Left Chico Freeman Black Saint 1979
Spirit Sensitive Chico Freeman India Navigation 1979
Beyond The Rain Chico Freeman Contemporary 1978
Kings of Mali Chico Freeman India Navigation 1978
Chico Chico Freeman India Navigation 1977
Morning Prayer Chico Freeman india Navigation 1976