Chico Freeman with the Makanda Project

The renowned saxophonist’s music is performed in a large ensemble setting, for this, he has joined forces with the Makanda Project, a 13-piece group based in Boston, MA, USA. The Makanda Project was formed 16 years ago to explore the previously unrecorded compositions of under-appreciated musical innovator Makanda Ken McIntyre; they feature distinctive individual voices as well as tight ensemble playing, and a collective sprit developed through years of playing together. And as noted in the London Jazz News, the addition of Mr. Freeman “raises it to an extraordinary level.” Makanda Project leader/pianist John Kordalewski has arranged a growing number of Mr. Freeman’s compositions, and the performances feature these pieces along with some McIntyre originals. The large group provides an expanded context and color palette for Chico Freeman’s improvisations and for his music to be brought to life.

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