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A jazz dynasty keeps swinging via Chico Freemanv

29 Jan, 2024

Howard Reich speaks with saxophonist Chico Freeman, who carries forth the legacy of his father, tenor saxophone giant Von Freeman, and will return to Chicago to play the Jazz Showcase. Read the Full Article

Latest CD

  1. Seven Steps to Heaven Chico Freeman 4-tet 3:35
  2. Free Man Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:43
  3. India Blue Chico Freeman 4-tet 8:34
  4. Black Inside Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:54
  5. Dance of Light for Luani Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:36
  6. Nia's Quest Chico Freeman 4-tet 4:34
  7. N'tiana's Dream Chico Freeman 4-tet 8:16
  8. Lara's Lullaby Chico Freeman 4-tet 2:52
  9. Erika's Reverie Chico Freeman 4-tet 6:28
  10. Soft Pedal Blues Chico Freeman 4-tet 9:21
  11. Niskayuna Chico Freeman 4-tet 4:59
  12. The Crossing Chico Freeman 4-tet 1:24
  13. Ballad for Hakima Chico Freeman 4-tet 3:23

Latest News

Jazz Open Stuttgart

Moccoy Legends July 26. 2024 Tickets:

Celebrating Swiss exotic percussionist Reto Weber’s Jubilee

Celebrating Swiss exotic percussionist Reto Weber’s Jubilee as part of Jazz in the Church November 18, 2018 17:00 Chico Freeman’s Trio Exotica Chico Freeman, saxophones Svante Henryson, cello Reto Weber, exotic percussion November 25, 2018 17:00 Chico Freeman’s Trio...

Chico Freeman Quartet debut at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY

The Chico Freeman Quartet is making their debut at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY April 5 and 6 with 2 shows each night! Chico has a new group made up of great musicians: Zaccai Curtis – piano, Essiet Okon Essiet – bass, Jason Brown – drums for this special engagement. ....