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Chico Freeman Voices of Chicago is coming to Europe starting Nov 10.

29 Jan, 2024

This project creates music with the authentic sound of Chicago Gospel/Jazz and R&B, and will feature 4 of Chicago’s most well-known Gospel and Jazz voices; Yvonne Gage, Simbryt Dortch, Brandon Lampkin and Isaiah Robinson with Theodis Rodgers Jr. – pianist, Heiri Känzig – bass, Luigi Galati – drums and Chico Freeman – saxophones, bass clarinet, voice, and special guest Reto Weber – hang and exotic percussion.

Latest CD

  1. Seven Steps to Heaven Chico Freeman 4-tet 3:35
  2. Free Man Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:43
  3. India Blue Chico Freeman 4-tet 8:34
  4. Black Inside Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:54
  5. Dance of Light for Luani Chico Freeman 4-tet 5:36
  6. Nia's Quest Chico Freeman 4-tet 4:34
  7. N'tiana's Dream Chico Freeman 4-tet 8:16
  8. Lara's Lullaby Chico Freeman 4-tet 2:52
  9. Erika's Reverie Chico Freeman 4-tet 6:28
  10. Soft Pedal Blues Chico Freeman 4-tet 9:21
  11. Niskayuna Chico Freeman 4-tet 4:59
  12. The Crossing Chico Freeman 4-tet 1:24
  13. Ballad for Hakima Chico Freeman 4-tet 3:23

Latest News

Celebrating Swiss exotic percussionist Reto Weber’s Jubilee

Celebrating Swiss exotic percussionist Reto Weber’s Jubilee as part of Jazz in the Church November 18, 2018 17:00 Chico Freeman’s Trio Exotica Chico Freeman, saxophones Svante Henryson, cello Reto Weber, exotic percussion November 25, 2018 17:00 Chico Freeman’s Trio...

Chico Freeman Quartet debut at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY

The Chico Freeman Quartet is making their debut at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY April 5 and 6 with 2 shows each night! Chico has a new group made up of great musicians: Zaccai Curtis – piano, Essiet Okon Essiet – bass, Jason Brown – drums for this special engagement. ....